Warehouse Money Website Redesign

Warehouse Money is a brand trusted by many New Zealand families. Critical to building and maintaining this trust is to provide digital experiences that are simple, easy to use and reliable.



In August 2016, Warehouse Money approached Cucumber with a challenge. Significant investment had been made in enterprise content management system Sitecore, but the full potential of the platform had not yet been realised.

Warehouse Money were seeking a Sitecore partner they could trust to deliver a program of work that would solve critical issues and provide confidence that Sitecore was the right platform to deliver their digital objectives. Once high priority issues were successfully solved, this would lay the foundation for a full website redesign.



Through detailed stakeholder workshops and an audit of the existing website, Cucumber were able to gain an immediate health check of the website at the start of the engagement. The outcomes of this review then formed the recommended remedial program of work required to solve the most critical issues. Once those items were addressed, the more exciting work could begin, a redesign of the website to better align to the digital marketing objectives and make the brand work harder to convert customers digitally.


The remedial work was delivered in December 2016 removing critical roadblocks from the digital experience resulting in some great results:

Comparing December 2015 - December 2016

  • 174% increase in sessions
  • 13% increase in pages viewed per session
  • Time on site reduced 35 seconds, highlighting people where able to find information faster

Our new website represents a paradigm shift for our organisation. We’re now able to unlock the features and capability of the Sitecore platform which opens up an exciting roadmap of activities for our marketing team

Sian Burgess
The Warehouse Group Financial Services, Senior Marketing Manager

Sian Burgess

The Warehouse Group Financial Services, Senior Marketing Manager

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