Tui Website Redevelopment


Over the last 6 years, the Tui team has done an amazing job of growing their reach and engagement with customers through their key digital channels. However Tui wanted to own a connection with the end customer directly and not just rely on their stockists to recommend Tui to customers.

Tui felt their current site needed to be rebuilt in order to improve the overall user experience and to enable efficiency gains for the content administrators.


The Challenge

The main challenge for Tui with their current website is that it hadn’t had a redesign for 6 years and their content had grown significantly each year. This, alongside an increasing bounce rate was showing that the user experience and information architecture needed reviewing and updating. 

Tui was looking for a new website solution that could provide some key visual and functional improvements to improve and optimise user journeys through the website. They wanted to improve their user experience, have a contemporary website their team could be proud of and grow their traffic.

Our Approach

Cucumber recommended the Umbraco content management system (CMS) to house and manage the 3 Tui websites: Garden, Home and Pet. 

With Umbraco’s simple content creation and editing tools Tui content editors could create new pages and sections within the website with no development involvement. This enabled their marketers and content producers to have a digital tool that simplified their jobs. And with its extensibility and therefore scalability, Tui’s can customise or add new features as their site grows further.

To deliver the project, the Cucumber and Tui teams worked in three phases: 

  1. Discovery and Design: High-level requirements and visual designs that were broken down based on business value priority, with an Agile approach to deliver these
  2. Build: The full build team was focussed on delivering small pieces of functionality for review and test by Tui and stakeholders on a regular basis to ensure we were on the right track
  3. Delivery: The actual production release so the site is live to the public, and associated analysis and development resources

The Outcome

Tui’s revamped site went live in early August 2018 with a modern new design and information organised in a more logical format. Tui has seen a huge increase in mobile traffic from organic search since the site launched; for the first two weeks of October which is a key month for growing, organic search traffic was up 24% from 2017, with traffic almost doubling to the new interactive planting calendar.

Tui is also pleased with increased user engagement through the introduction of complementary products and content based on what the user is researching.

Our new website was a collaborative process with ourselves and the Cucumber team. With a large amount of content it was important that we lead users on a journey and helped them discover useful content based on the topic they were researching. We are really happy with the simple, clean design and look forward to building on the positive results so far.

Jenna Tkaczyk
Tui, Digital & Content Specialist

Jenna Tkaczyk

Tui, Digital & Content Specialist

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