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Building a customisable, scalable recruitment management system, that is future-proof and ready for growth in an international market.



QJumpers makes hiring new staff easy. From posting a job through to contract generation, the innovative New Zealand recruitment software provider does it all – online. This means if its technology fails, they fail. With expansion into the US market on the horizon, QJumpers became concerned that its recruitment system’s software platform and hosting infrastructure wouldn’t cope with the expected growth. 

Cucumber was asked to design scalable and flexible cloud-based architecture for the new recruitment system. It needed a user-centric system that made it easy for QJumpers' customers to self-service, configure and tailor aspects of the solution to their requirements, as well as cater for language, currency and cultural differences. To ensure the QJumpers team was able to support and enhance the system beyond the initial project, a co-development team was established with analysis, design, development, test and project management resource from across the two organisations.



After reviewing the existing technology, we recommended QJumpers build a new recruitment system using modern technology that’s scalable, configurable and easier to maintain.

We completed a Discovery and Design exercise with QJumpers’ developers and business analyst to ascertain their high-level requirements and define technical architecture and visual design.

Taking an agile approach, we prioritised what should be built in a series of two-week development sprints alongside the QJumpers team. Re-prioritisation based on user feedback and business drivers continued throughout the project.



Taking a microservices approach, we utilised leading technologies such as React.js, Docker and Keycloak to build a multi-tenanted self-service recruitment system.

The new system, hosted on cloud-based Amazon Web Services, is now scalable and built to cope with increased volume.

It’s good news for customers too, the system is mobile friendly, fast, intuitive and easy to use.

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QJumpers now has a completely self-managed, full recruitment management system, which puts as much as possible in the hands of customers, saving QJumpers time and money. While its sights are set on the US market, the infrastructure and scalability needed for a much larger business is in place, meaning QJumpers is set up for international growth.

We now have a fully scalable and intuitive system that will allow us to aggressively grow without needing teams of support staff.  Thanks to Cucumber’s full business approach, the software has been built with user experience, speed and mobile capability in mind.  We are set for the future.

Simon Oldham
QJumpers, General Manager

Simon Oldham

QJumpers, General Manager

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