Creating a Customer Centric Digital Experience

PGG Wrightson (PGW) is a NZ listed business which employs 2,100 people across NZ, Australia and South America. PGW is one of the major suppliers to the agriculture sector in New Zealand providing products across the seed, grain, livestock, irrigation, farm equipment, insurance and finance sectors.



The PGW business has been built by acquisition over a number of years which has enabled diversification but also seen challenges in creating a unified customer experience across business units both online and offline. PGW approached Cucumber to bring 12 existing websites into one platform to enable platform and cost efficiencies, but more importantly a customer centric view of the PGW experience to increase engagement and ultimately cross-sell opportunities across the business.



Taking an agile approach Cucumber and PGW brought together a working group with representatives from each of the different business units involved in the digital transformation, across five locations. After an initial discovery phase with the business where success criteria, high level requirements, persona development, customer journey maps and initial user stories were developed we moved into a user testing phase.

In this user research phase Cucumber worked with the PGW team to test assumptions on the proposed design and information architecture to ensure the customer journey was based on real customer insight.

The agile development phase then saw a number of two week development sprints kick-off which allowed regular review from the working group and changes added to the backlog in real time. This ensured the site delivered at the end of this phase was adapted to market changes as we moved through the process. Content development and testing ran alongside these development sprints to ensure a timely delivery.

The Sitecore experience platform was selected as the enterprise content management system across the organisation, with this being the initial project.


Taking an agile customer centric approach to this Sitecore website development paved the way for the following outcomes:

  • A move from a business unit / internal approach to a user led approach. Reducing bounce rate and increasing time on site.
  • The cultural / team change where all business units worked to deliver a cross-business unit project in an agile manner. 
  • Integrated data to the corporate website in real time from the financial and customer statement systems.
  • Winner of the Sitecore 2015 Experience Award in the Retail, Wholesale and Consumer Goods sector.


Cucumber are amazing to work with, they made us brave when we least felt it and provide a rational sounding board amongst the noise that comes with managing a project like this

Shannon Galloway
PGG Wrightson, General Manager - Marketing

Shannon Galloway

PGG Wrightson, General Manager - Marketing

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