Genera - Improving Business Systems

Genera is a New Zealand based group of businesses offering biosecurity solutions to a range of customers operating in the New Zealand, Australian, Pacific and Asian markets. Their history, success and recent growth have been driven by innovation, integrity and customer service.



Genera approached Cucumber with a view to improving the operational efficiency of their business.
As Genera scaled, the business acknowledged that its success and recent growth had put pressure on the capability of its current business systems.  This growing misalignment provided an ongoing risk and constraint to growth and to the effective management of a range of current and future business issues including compliance requirements, data accuracy and performance measurements.

There were a number of manual administration and operational tasks identified, which Genera wanted to automate. In addition, the business had limited visibility of their data, which in the form of online dashboards would help continuously improve decision making for Genera’s management.


Genera engaged Cucumber to perform discovery analysis to understand the current state issues and outline high level requirements. From there, Cucumber documented system requirements that focussed on information and workflow automation with the aim of improving their long established business processes.

Cucumber was involved in helping Genera identify potential solution vendors, and assessed their solution suitability. Alongside this, Genera asked Cucumber to propose a tailored minimum viable product (MVP) built to meet core business requirements while providing a platform for future enhancement and improved business efficiency.
Genera chose the tailored solution to maximise the opportunity for business improvement by leveraging the latest innovations in technology.

The MVP project included:

  • Work process analysis, Solution Architecture & Design
  • Digitising forms and creating a workflow automation engine
  • A fully mobile enabled data collection, management and reporting solution
  • Cloud based open source technology stack
  • Ongoing delivery program for service enhancement


Genera has experienced significant improvements in time to value through process automation and having a single source of customer information. They have systems in place that provide more efficient auditing and reporting for compliance. Along with a scalable and flexible solution that enables Genera to meet business needs and exceed customer expectations

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"The team at Cucumber quickly understood what was important to us and worked hard to deliver a solution that meet our needs. We regard Cucumber as a true business partner and would not hesitate to recommend them to organisations who we rate.”

Matt Hill
Genera, Chief Operating Officer

Matt Hill

Genera, Chief Operating Officer

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