Where real insights inform beautiful design

It all starts with a seed. An insight learnt, an idea planted. At Cucumber, the journey to beautiful, usable, design can take different paths but it always starts with understanding people - the people who use the products and services we are creating.

Taking a human-centred approach we collaborate and design alongside your customers and team.


Research Services

Our appetite for insights can be satisfied in many forms. We love spending time with people and understanding their challenges first-hand. Our research services are designed to ensure we can include the voice of your people in all projects big or small.

Strategic Design

We get that business is complicated and there are many problems to solve. Using design thinking methodology, we help navigate complexity and ensure we’re solving the right problem before defining the solution. Once your north star is clear we design tomorrow together.

Technical Design

Nerds like getting creative too and they have a special role to play early in projects to determine the right pathway for your technology. This includes auditing current state, architecting your future, defining a roadmap and importantly an understanding of build cost


You know the adage, teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. Well, that thinking floats our boat. We love watching our partners thrive and learn new skills. So much so, we’ve developed our own Agile and Design Thinking coaching designed to work alongside projects and upskill your people.