Digital Analytics Service

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This is NOT just a report automation service. This IS insight into your analytics based on your own goals.

Recommendations of areas to improve, marketing ideas and input into your long-term digital plan.

Whether you have a personal site or are responsible for the digital strategy for a large organisation, many of us are managing a web presence these days. One of the most important steps to long term success online is getting your business found. Next to that is measuring the results by tracking your data. With millions of websites out there, measuring your performance and acting on the results is a necessity for staying competitive online.

The Cucumber Digital Analytics service provides you with the regular analytics reporting that you need but also includes recommended changes to your website, your marketing campaigns, your email marketing and your social media activities.

Utilising tools like Google Analytics combined with other social media, email marketing and content management systems analytics programs, Cucumber gets down to business, with actionable insights across your online activity.

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