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Approved R and D Research Provider tax status

Cucumber is now an Approved Research Provider for the new R&D Tax Incentive by the Inland Revenue Department – Te Tari Taake.  This allows businesses that work with us on R&D projects to claim a 15 per cent tax refund on research and development spending. 

This status is very much aligned with our focus on co-designing solutions with our customers and help them with specialist expertise to solve the critical technical aspects that enable success. This status will allow us to work with businesses seeking research and development advice and will be particularly beneficial for startup companies and/or those that don’t have a significant R&D budget.  We will be able to help our customers navigate the qualification process to ensure the projects undertaken are eligible and provide administrative support which may put some businesses off applying for assistance.

Cucumber has an excellent capability working on research and development projects for both ourselves and some of our customers which have resulted in robust working solutions.  We use an agile approach for R&D so we can get to an outcome as quickly as possible before incurring too much time and money.

More information about the R&D incentive can be found here.