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First impressions from the newest family member to Cucumber Digital

As the newest employee of Cucumber, I thought I’d write a wee post on my first impressions of Cucumber and what it’s like behind the front door. It’s always a bit daunting starting a new job. You’ll always have pre-conceived ideas and emotions which undoubtedly always change. Top of my mind on my first day was… I hope that Cucumber wasn’t a place where people hide behind their computer screens and speak to each other via email. So as I entered through the front doors I carefully rung the bell, not knowing exactly what to expect. Immediately I was greeted with a friendly “come on down, you’re apart of us now, no need to ring the bell” Suddenly my thoughts began to change and I began to relax.

As part of the Marketing team I will work closely with Clare, our General Manager of Digital. Clare immediately introduced me to the rest of the staff who were more than happy to leave their computer screens and greet me with a “welcome to cucumber’ smile. An offer of fresh coffee from Nick (one of our support consultants) from down the road hit a high note with me. Having worked with Digital Agencies in the past, I know all too well that some come with a geek stereotype, these guys are a far cry from that.

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Morning tea arrived and unbeknown to me our Camp Mother June had organised a welcome cake. I’m not sure how she knew, but she totally nailed it with Carrot Cake (one of my all-time fave cakes).

My week was filled with meeting after meeting, which I’d normally be exhausted from. But these meetings weren’t the boring old types where your mind can often wander to the weather outside. These meetings were totally designed to welcome and accustom me to Cucumber and its vision… basically an overall look at the company’s history and what they have achieved. It didn’t stop here. I was also given a brief overview of past and present clients, a look into design and a basic idea of marketing within Cucumber. The best thing about these meetings weren’t so much the content, but more about getting to have a chat with my new ‘workmates’ and figure out their personalities.

So yes, I maybe the newest member of the Cucumber family, but I feel like I’ve been here for ages. Maybe that’s not a good thing, but it’s definitely made my transition from motherhood to marketing a breeze. Big ups to everyone from Cucumber. I’m excited to buckle in for the ride.