Cucumber is a full service digital partner that helps organisations improve their efficiency and connect with their customers. We build beautiful digital experiences and deliver tools to help people work smarter. At the core of this, we have talented people with the magic blend of deep technical knowledge and customer centricity, who also happen to love having fun.

Est. 2004

We’re a business made up of thinkers, collaborators, innovators, gamers, hackers, creators, and doers that deliver nothing less than simply amazing outcomes.

Cucumber began as a website development company. We’ve done some awesome projects along the way, but as always change is inevitable. And in our case, welcomed.

Today, we’re lucky enough to work with some great clients and help them to use technology and innovation to build bespoke technical solutions that manage risks, increase productivity and encourage collaboration. The future looks bright and at Cucumber, we believe the possibilities are endless.

What we believe

Our ethos for the way we work, the way we treat our people and clients and the way we view the world are simple:


Customer Success Is #1

We put our customers first so they get the right digital outcomes
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Grow People First

We focus on growing people, when our team grow, so do our customers

Work With Purpose

We get stuck into solving digital problems with creativity and purpose
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Environment & Social Responsibility

We make ourselves accountable and care for our team, community and environment
If you can relate to this and would like to chat about working together