Business Transformation

Being tomorrow ready means having confidence that you’re solving the right business problems and investing in the right technical solutions.

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    We believe true innovation is achieved when unshackled from predefined technology solutions. Our innovation team transform business critical systems.

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    Are the problems you’re tackling the ones which will have the biggest business impact? Our Consultants work with you to validate and define business strategy.

Mr Apple

Mr Apple

Improving Operational Efficiency

Mr Apple had a vision of creating a smarter orchard, this meant looking at improvements to the flow of information from the orchard into the packhouse and to other business functions.

ISL Tracker Application

Independent Stevedoring Ltd

Innovation in Stevedoring

Independent Stevedoring Limited (ISL) required a new mobile logistics solution to replace the legacy system used to validate, track and load logs onto ships.


Digital Experience

Designing with customers to deliver memorable digital experiences powered by smart technology. Our team are expert in the Sitecore Experience Platform.

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    We employ lean design techniques, prototype and validate with customers early and often to help you get to tomorrow faster.

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    Our team of experienced Marketers and Technologists are leaders in the Sitecore Experience Platform and Agile delivery.

Port of Tauranga - RMI

Port Of Tauranga

Using IoT to improve efficiency

Cucumber worked closely with the Terminal Operations team to identify the key performance metrics that would be required to deliver straddle optimisation.


Genera Biosecurity

Automating Business Systems

Genera wanted to automate a number of manual administration and operational tasks as well as having better access to their data.