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Cucumber supports Tauranga City Council's investment in a Digital Platform Strategy

The pace of digital change has significant impacts for local government in terms of how it engages with its customers – residents, visitors, businesses, partners, central government, and staff. The expectation and promise of digital is to deliver positive experiences for customers and operational improvements.

As a leading council in New Zealand, Tauranga City Council understands the importance of digital in supporting current needs but also in creating effective cities of tomorrow. A good example of this is Tauranga being the first city in New Zealand to have fibre available to the entire city. Firming up the support of digital, the Council were looking to ensure they had a strategy for its underlying digital platforms in order to meet the needs of their customers and to support the delivery of technology-dependant goals in their long-term plan.

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Cucumber enables business agility through new Sitecore development accelerator capability

Cucumber has developed a new Sitecore Development Accelerator to help enterprise clients become more agile in developing their websites and microsites and assist in the migration from other web CMS platforms to the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Led by Cucumber’s CTO and Sitecore Technical MVP, Tim King, we realised there was a need to assist clients to adopt the Sitecore platform in a way that enables them to quickly take advantage of the software’s capabilities and be more agile in the delivery of future website functionality and enhancements.


Welcome Dinakkar

We’re super excited to welcome Dinakkar Poomal as the newest Digital Project Manager in our Cucumber team. With 14 years of experience under his belt in digital projects, Dinakkar can offer a lot of new insight to current and future projects. His specialties lie in Digital Project Management, Agile/SCRUM Methodologies, Team Development and Performance Management.


Success Reigns at Tauranga StartUp Weekend

We were proud sponsors of this year’s Tauranga StartUp weekend and as expected, it didn’t disappoint. For the fourth year running, over 40 participants pitched their ideas, formed teams, conversed ideas, and came up with solutions that were then presented to a panel of judges within a 54 hour time period. 


Welcome to the world...

If you haven’t heard already, our General Manager, Clare Swallow welcomed Harriet Rose into the family at the end of October. 


Cucumber supports BOP Young Innovators Awards

Cucumber is pretty passionate about developing the next generation of young entrepreneurs and love getting involved in events in our community that allow young people to bring their ideas to life. That is why this year we jumped at the chance to get on board with the teams from Locus and Woods Creative to support the BOP Young Innovators Awards.  Now in its 6th year the awards prove there is a wealth of talent and innovative thinking in our young people in this region.



New Sheep and Beef Website Now Live

Ballance launched their new Sheep & Beef website on 3rd September. The goal was to provide an informational website that can be used as a self-educating tool for farmers to aid in making the right decisions for nutrients and greater stock performance.

It needed to present independent research engagingly and connect to the TV and print campaign to extend the amount of information that is available to farmers, adding depth and richness that provides proof of the role fertiliser plays with stock performance.


Cucumber is proud to support Sitecore's latest event hosted by Jay Baer.

Cucumber was excited to be a part of bringing Jay Baer, Marketing Expert and International Best Selling Author, to NZ last week. For those of you in the room we’re sure, like us you were struck with Jay’s key message “If you’re wondering how to make your company seem more exciting, you’re asking the wrong question. You’re not competing for attention only against other similar products. You’re competing against your customers’ friends and family and viral videos and cute puppies. To win attention these days you must ask a different question: “How can we help?”


Trustpower named top energy retailer in NZ

Trustpower has been named the top energy retailer in the country at the Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards in Auckland last night.

Trustpower has gained 30,000 new customers in the past 12 months and this growth was put down to its combined electricity, gas and telecommunications packages.

Story in

A key part of Trustpower's growth was due to their new website that was built in Sitecore and was awarded the ROI Award and the Retail, Wholesale and Consumer Goods Award at the 2014 Sitecore Experience Awards for Australia and New Zealand. Read More


Investment Logic Mapping

Ian Gray of Cucumber Consulting recently ran an Investment Logic Mapping workshop for Priority One. Here is an extract from the Priority One June Newsletter.

Priority One recently went through an investment logic mapping process facilitated by digital agency Cucumber to support the business case for investment in new technology.

We found the exercise extremely valuable in terms of identifying issues that needed to be resolved, assessing the benefits that needed to be delivered, considering our preferred strategic response, and developing potential solutions.

This approach is also part of the first phase of the ‘Better Business Case’ framework approved by NZ Treasury .......

Read the Newsletter for the full story.

For further information, contact Ian Gray at Cucumber Consulting.

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Are You Cucumber Employee Number 24?

If you are a Passionate About All Things Digital Business Development Manager then this is your lucky day because we are looking for somebody just like you to join us and be our PAATDBDM in Auckland. Here are the top three reasons why we think this may well be the role for you…

  1. You’re someone that is equal parts hunter and entrepreneur. You're excited about building something whether that be a business, a brand or a boat (preferably the first two) but don’t want the risk that comes from doing that on your own. You’re looking for a role with real autonomy where you have scope to influence the future direction of a growing company.
  2. You want to work with some of NZ’s leading businesses and talk marketing and technology in equal measure. You get excited about how digital marketing and technology can change the course of a business and know how to talk the talk to get others excited about this too. You are not however keen on the huff and puff that comes with some of the more ‘sexy’ brands and therefore want to build long term, measurable relationships with customers who ‘get it’.
  3. You want all this AND you want to work with (cue most over-used word on the planet but how else do you describe it) passionate people that are less ‘ agency buzz words’ and more business strategy. So you’re not asking for much then!
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New Merivale School Van

The Merivale School van was on its last legs last year but was still being used daily to take students to sports events or to their homes after school.

We met with the school to get a feel for the unique environment and atmosphere and came away with the understanding that they needed something fun, playful and a vehicle that the kids would like to be seen in.

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Trustpower - Sitecore Case Study

3 June 2015

How Trustpower used personas and pattern matching to create a truly customer-centric website

Cucumber is Trustpower's Digital partner and this Sitecore Case Study tells how the new Trustpower website was built utilising Sitecore's powerful Digital Marketing Suite. 

Making customer-centricity a reality

Clare Swallow, CucumberCentral to achieving Trustpower’s ambitious requirements were personalisation and customer personas. “All our business goals could be traced back to one overriding principle: that the site needed to be customer-centric. We created four detailed customer personas and mapped each requirement to what these personas would want. We then broke these requirements into ‘private’ and ‘public’ themes, to help categorise what type of content each persona would expect to encounter in different sections of the site, such as account login pages (private) or the home page (public).”

Download the full case study here


Cucumber Named in BOP Growth Study

19 May 2015

Cucumber and Rhubarb named in Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Growth Study

The quotes are shown below (Cucumber was involved in the formation of RHUBARB

ICT sector
The Bay of Connections Regional Economic Development Strategy identifies ICT as a key sector, because of its enabling role in the region’s areas of comparative advantage. The sector is comparatively small and consists of a large number of small operators, although there are larger firms such as Datacom (development of local government software), Cucumber (web design, digital strategy), and Radfords Software (horticulture inventory software).


There may be potential to link the ICT communities in Tauranga and Rotorua in order to develop a broader regional vision of digital priorities within a shared framework. As an example, RHUBARB Group is an ICT resource hub with an aim to create a community of organisations who can benefit from shared knowledge and an alignment of ICT standards, frameworks and platforms. It is a Tauranga- based community initiative comprised of ICT providers, education institutions and others  

Click through to the Report Introduction and to the Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Growth Study


Tim King, CTO of Cucumber, Named Sitecore MVP

19 February 2015

Tim King Named Only Sitecore Technology MVP in New Zealand

A Sitecore MVP is an individual with expertise in Sitecore who actively participates in online and offline communities to share their knowledge and expertise with other Sitecore partners and customers.

Tim is CTO of Cucumber and was named as a Sitecore Technology MVP for 2015, the only such award made in New Zealand. 

Full list of Sitecore Technology MVPs (scroll down to the letter T to see Tim's entry)