Our Approach

Keeping things simple is complex stuff and during the ten years we've been in the online business we've learned a lot about how to solve complicated business, marketing, sales and technology problems with elegantly-crafted online solutions. 

If every customer was the same we’d have a one-size-fits-all way of dealing with them but they’re not so we don’t. What we do have though is The Cucumber Way of Doing Awesome Things Awesomely* which is all about stakeholder engagement, innovative outcomes and tangible business benefits (all whilst keeping everything on-track, on-time and on-budget).

We know how to speak to CEO’s, CFO’s, Marketing Directors, Online Managers, Brand Managers and CIO’s to make sure that they, and the other key people in your organisation, are consulted, kept up-to-date and, of course, wowed by the end result.

We're not a mass-production facility so we always adjust our approach to ensure it works for each and every customer. Broadly speaking though, this is the process we tend to follow and - after 10 years of honing - we'd like to think we have it nailed. 

* it’s not really called that.


The Cucumber Way in 4D (like 3D only better)

Trustpower Main Site

From humble beginnings, as the first power station in Tauranga, in 1915, Trustpower has come a long way; today, it’s now the only true multi-utility provider in New Zealand supplying energy, gas and telecommunication services. In 2012 Trustpower rebranded their organisation to reposition themselves as more than a power company and a new website was a significant part of that rebrand.


“The Sitecore website allows Trustpower’s marketers to easily create and personalise content, as well as establish and run targeted campaigns, and optimise content while reacting to market changes much faster.

Simon Clarke
Trustpower, CIO

Simon Clarke

Trustpower, CIO